overview of the weekend


On Thursday we kick off the Festival with the Kiddie parade. come watch as kids walk, bike, and Ride their way down Main Street!


On Friday the fun continues! Grab food from one of our great food vendors. Check out our crafters for wonderful homemade gifts! ride some rides at the carnival, and finally join us at the Grandstand for the annual street dance.


Join us Saturday for more fun! Food and Craft vendors are open all day. Ride your favorite rides at the carnival. Be sure to grab a good Seat for the Parade. Join us at the Granstand for another Street dance. and round off the night by heading to the Middle school to watch the fireworks.


The festivities round off on Sunday with pay one price at the carnival. Join the Williamson Fellowship of churches for a Worship service at the Grandstand. Check out the annual Car show and dont forget to buy that item you have been eying all weekend from our food or craft vendors.


some of our most asked questions

The festival is spread out across Main Street in williamson, on the west side of town are the food and craft vendors, as well as the grand stand. On the East side of town the carnival is setup and the car show is run on sunday morning.

we have several spots marked for handicapped parking behind Roccos pizza entry to this area is from the south side of Kings Auto.

Anywhere you can find a spot off of Main Street. please do not park in front of peoples Driveways, or in their yards. Please also respect any NO Parking Signs. 

Food vendors are asked to come at 2pm to begin setup. you will receive your assigned spot then. we also ask that you have the bulk of items unloaded by 3pm so that our crafters can come in. for craft vendors, you will have to unload your car at the base of the vendor area, we no longer allow cars to drive into the isles as this has caused several issues.  please see the vendor letter for more info. no teardown will be allowed before 3pm on Sunday,  in years past we have had congestion issues with to many people trying to leave at the same time.

Each spot is 10 foot wide by 10 foot deep. you can purchase additional spots, however your depth cannot exceed 10 feet. spots are pre-measured and any overages will be charged a fee.

Checkout our facebook page, or email us at williamsonabf@gmail.com