Williamson apple blossom Festival history

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1959-1960 Apple Blossom time
Apple Blossom time

the williamson chamber of commerce envisioned  that Apple Blossom time Would "become an annual affair and in the future expanded into a major event. No community, it is believed, has observed such an anniversary of agriculture."  Little did they know at the time that the soon to be "Apple Blossom Festival" would become the longest continually running festival in the state.

Apple Blossom Festival Grows

in an excerpt from The Williamson sun and The Williamson sentinel., May 04, 1961 :  Festivities Started Saturday evening, May 13, with the selection of Williamson's Apple Blossom Queen. sponsored by and under the direction of the Williamson Township Youth Comniittee. Friday, May 19, held the first of two Crazy Days sponsored by several Williamson merchants. This was a plan whereby lucky shoppers made purchases of certain articles in designated stores at ridiculously low prices.  There was also a band concert on Main Street between That evening, as well as the following evening. Saturday,  A broiler barbecue was also held on May 20 at the Williamson Grange Hall. the barbecue was sponsored by the Williamson Grange and served by its members.  John DeMinck's Orchestra took its place on the band stand and a street dance was held in Main Street, May 27 offered a full day of entertainment. the annual parade at 2 p. m.

May 24th 2019 NYS Recognition
Apple blossom Festival Recognized as longest continually running festival in New York State
Sen. Pam Helming and Assemblyman Brian Manktelow present a certificate of recognition to the committee.